Watch Cardi B and City Girls’ New “Twerk” Video

City Girls and Cardi B have shared their new music video for “Twerk.” It’s directed by Daps. As you may suspect, the visual features a lot of twerking. Find the “Twerk” video below.

In November, City Girls member Yung Miami recruited 25 twerking young women to be “flewed out” to Miami to answer the “Twerk challenge” and be crowned the twerking champion.

The “Twerk” video lets us see a great many young ladies trying to win that challenge, and boy is it heavenly.

You have never seen so much ass in your life. Big asses. Little asses. Sandy asses. Jiggly asses. Asses that look like they have pebbles stuffed into each cheek. So. Much. Ass.

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